Customer Privacy Notice

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Document Name: Customer Privacy Notice
Document Number: CMT35044
Purpose: To make our customers aware which
data we collect, use, store, access
and delete, and how we do this.
Revision Number: 2.0
We (CMT Equipment Ltd T/A CMT Group/Safesmart Access) store, access, use or
delete certain information about you.
We do not sell your data.
We will never transfer your data outside of the EEA/adequate countries without your


Some of this data is to enable us to fulfill our contract with you.
The legal basis for this is a contract. This includes:

– Your bank details (if you are a sole trader)
– Your website passwords
– Your clothing sizes for ‘man packs’
– Your email address
– Your mobile number
– Your name
– Your home address (if you are a sole trader)
– Your signature

We process this information for a number of reasons. These include:
– In order to track payments
– To accept and process payments
– To make your account secure
– To send you the correct products
– To communicate, including acknowledgements and invoices
– To contact you when we deliver your order
– To correctly process your orders
– To track credit ratings to ensure your payments are secure
– To ensure we deliver to the right place
– To obtain proof of delivery.

We have to share some of this data with other persons outside of CMT Equipment Ltd, to complete the contract. For example:
– We share mobile numbers with our delivery partners so they can call before delivery.
– We share payment details with our accountants so your statements are correct.

This data is held securely on CMT Equipment’s internal servers, with access restricted on a risk-assessed basis; for example, although we process your card details, it is impossible for any staff member to access them as they are not stored.

We store information only as long as necessary to complete the contract we have with you. All financial data is stored for three years in line with HMRC requirements.

Legitimate Interests

We also process some information about you to help us run effectively and provide the service we promise.
The legal basis for this is legitimate interest. This includes:
– Business cards
– CCTV footage (if you visit our premises)
– Notes about visits and conversations we have had with you
– Your IP address (if you order online)
– Your job role/position
– Phone call recordings
– Your registration plate (if you visit our premises)
– Your time and date of visit (if you visit our premises)
– Any details you provide on the website chat
– Cookies on your computer
– Details of how you use the website, including how you accessed it (external links)

We process this data for a number of reasons. These include:
– To ensure we have your correct details
– To help us build a relationship with you
– To ensure security
– For health and safety reasons
– To protect our website from hackers
– To ensure your details are safe
– To help us offer you relevant service options
– For training purposes
– To communicate relevant data regarding products and services
– To provide good customer service
– To speed up your using of our website and make it function properly
– To make our website secure
– To resolve IT or customer services problems

This data is held on CMT Equipment’s internal servers, in password-protected cloudbased storage systems or in the back end of our website. Access to this data is restricted by job role; for example, only our website team can access your website chat.

This data is held only as long as necessary for the purpose; for example, CCTV footage of you visiting our premises is destroyed after ninety days.

You are not obliged to allow us to process this information; however, it may be very difficult for us to deliver our promised level of service without it.

Email to discuss restricting processing of this data.

Data Transfers

We do not transfer your data to any other organisations unless the below exceptions apply:
– With your explicit consent
– As required by law or court order
– In order to fulfil the contract we have with you
– To protect or defend our rights or property
– To protect others’ personal safety (including other website users)

If we ever need to use your data for any other purposes we will always let you know

Anonymised Data

Wherever possible we pseudonymise, anonymise or encrypt your information, for example your website password.

If we use your data for training purposes, we will anonymise (hide) your personally identifiable information so you cannot be tracked.

We may sometimes use anonymised data to measure how we can improve our website, for example by using software such as Google Analytics to see how much time website users spend on specific pages.

Retention Periods

For any further details such as specific retention periods (how long we retain data), please email

Third Party Websites

CMT Group’s websites (;;😉 may contain links to third party websites, such as social media links.

We do not share any of your data with these websites; however, they are not under CMT’s control, so they don’t necessarily comply with this privacy notice.

We recommend you check their privacy practices before you use them.

Data Breaches

CMT Equipment Ltd take your data very seriously and have detailed procedures in place to prevent a data breach. If you suspect a breach has occurred, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing

Your Rights

You have a number of rights concerning your personal data.
– The right to be informed about your data
– The right to access your data
– The right to update or rectify incorrect data
– The right to erase or delete your data
– The right to restrict processing of your data
– The right to data portability
– The right to object
– The right not to be subject to automated decision making

You also have the right to notify the supervisory authority (the Information Commissioner’s Office) if you believe your data is not being handled correctly.

Further Information

For further information regarding this privacy notice, regarding your personal data, or to update your marketing preferences, please email